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Client Testimonials 

Shanissy, James and baby James

"Hilary was everything we were looking for in a midwife. My husband and I are very self-reliant by nature, and during our pregnancy and birth that was a quality we really wanted to focus on. Without hesitation or visible concern, Hilary let me take the lead during and after James’ birth. She trusted me to know exactly what I wanted and needed for myself, as well as for my son. There is something to be said about a person who goes to school for years to hone a skill, but is poised enough to take the back seat as well. Somehow she was the perfect balance of unbelievable support—both during and after birth, a friend, massage therapist, maternal figure, and the list goes on.  


The birth of your child is a day you’ll never forget. It can be an empowering, confidence-boosting, ride of your life, and I truly believe that your care provider influences how you remember the experience. We are forever grateful that we found Hilary and that she was able to attend our homebirth."  


    - Shanissy D.

Liz and baby Piper

"Meeting Hilary was one of the most memorable moments of my life. She had an amazing ability to make me feel comfortable immediately. I had a vision for our baby's home birth and she was so receptive and appreciative of that vision and my involvement prenatally as we discussed Piper's birth. Her experience and knowledge of the birthing process coupled with her trust in my birthing body instantly made me calm and comfortable. It was an amazing feeling knowing she would be with us during the birth. As Piper was entering the world, Hilary encouraged me to listen to my body and trust the process. She was a constant point of positivity that me and my baby were healthy and that everything was ok... this is essential during birth. Hilary helped me have my dream birth and for that I am forever thankful. I know that I could birth a baby without Hilary... but why in the world would I? She is our midwife for life!"       


    - Elizabeth O., CD (DONA), HBCE

Jamillah, Carl and baby Carlise

"Having our first child was both the most amazing feeling in the world and the most terrifying at the same time. Going to a birthing center relieved a little bit of our anxiety because we knew that we would have more control to have our first child in the most natural and least invasive way possible. When going to the birthing center we were pleased with all the staff but particularly had a strong preference for Hilary after meeting her during one of our prenatal care appointments. She was always so warm and full of holistic advice for us. She really seemed to care in a very genuine way. When we went into labor we were honestly looking at the calendar and hoping that Hilary would be the on call midwife so that our baby could be born with her. It turns out that Hilary was the one that we were fortunate enough to have on call the day that our daughter decided to come into the world. Throughout our birthing experience Hilary was so very warm and accommodating. We really appreciated that she allowed us to take the lead and that she let the birthing process take its own shape and form. It was indeed a very long process.  But with Hilary being so positive and full of smiles and really good vibrations, we were able to get through almost what was amounting to four days of labor and six hours of pushing – in a breeze. When our little angel came into the world we had no idea that she was being born sunny side up and the reason for the long labor was because of the positioning of our baby. This is a testament to how at ease Hilary made us feel. If we were in the hospital or maybe even with some other midwifes we could've been worried or scared. But because of Hilary's skills and expertise, and overall great spirit, she was able to help coach us through the birth process without any complications. We are so very thankful that Hilary was our midwife. In fact, we will make sure we do not move away from the area until we have our next child just so that Hilary can indeed be the one who catches him or her. Selecting the person to help bring our baby into the world was the single most important decision of our lives, and we were happy to have been lucky enough to have Hilary as that person."  


   - Jamillah and Dr. Carl M.

Tabitha, Babu and baby Rita

"When I called Hilary in the middle of the night to come to my birth, I called as a mother of 10 and a certified doula, who had previously birthed in six hospitals and was looking forward to my fifth homebirth.  I also called as a stranger, because I had not had the privilege of meeting Hilary prior to that night.  But when I welcomed her into my home to join our family as we welcomed our 11th child, I felt she was perfect for us, and she was!  Her calm, attentive, but deferential ministrations gave me peace and security, as she respected our space and the sacredness of every moment.  She knew just what to say to reassure me, and had the patience to observe quietly as my husband and I did what we needed to do.  Having someone who knows when to simply be present and when to be involved is a rare and priceless thing!  Our daughter's birth was exactly what I had hoped and dreamed it would be:  intimate, blissful, supported, and joyful.  Hilary's professionalism, kindness, and reverence for the power of physiological birth made this possible, and we will always be grateful for the gift of her care.  She is a gifted midwife, and we were so blessed to have her!"  


   - Tabitha K.

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