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Let's Begin

   - Schedule a visit and prepare

Since LH&H accepts a limited number of clients each month,  please call or email immediately to

schedule your appointment.  You can also contact us if you or your partner have questions.  When you have scheduled our initial visit, you will receive an invitation to our HIPPA compliant Electronic Medical Record where you can complete intake forms prior to meeting.

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   - Fees, Insurance & Payment 

Please contact us about fees for maternity, gynecological, and family planning services.  We will provide a full list of service fees and explain payment options.  For homebirths there is a one-time global fee.  This single fee covers all prenatal visits, lab collections, your birth, any medications that might be needed during labor, and all of your postpartum visits.  It’s important to note that this is a complete fee. 

Some practitioners require a significant deposit, but also collect and retain whatever insurance reimburses. Because our clients have “paid in full” prior to the birth, all money reimbursed by your insurance will be returned to you. 

There is an additional fee for birth assistant services.  LH&H uses only licensed professional medical practitioners as assistants.  Basic services are required as part of LH&H standards of practice and care, but there are additional services available.


LH&H is a CNM-based practice and therefore homebirth services are covered by many insurance providers and plans.  As a fee for service practice, we do not currently contract with any specific insurance companies and are therefore considered an out-of-network provider.  However, many insurance companies will provide LH&H an "in network" exception. Please check with your insurance.

As an additional benefit to our clients, LH&H offers our professional billing service to work with you and ensure you are reimbursed to the fullest extent possible.  Contact us to establish verification of benefits.



The global homebirth fee is due by 36 weeks of pregnancy.  For all other midwifery services, payment is due in full at the time services are rendered.  Payment options are available.   Birth assistant fees are paid directly to the Registered Nurse Birth Assistant (RBNA).

How It Works

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For your first appointment, we will visit you and your partner at your home. This is usually a lengthy discussion, as we start to get to know each other and go over LH&H policies and protocols. We will also perform a thorough physical examination and collect labs.  If you are transferring from another care provider, please have your prenatal records with you.  Review maternity services for a schedule of visits.

In the meantime, research pediatricians.  It is important that you have a trusting relationship with this future care provider.  We can provide recommendations.


Most importantly, relax and enjoy your pregnancy.  You should be doing things that make you feel good – yoga, exercise, reading, healthy eating, and sex.  A happy momma makes for a happy baby!

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